The latest update of another new electric car from BMW camp with the luxury electric sedan 2022 BMW i7 that is entering the final stage of development. The camp has therefore revealed the real car while disguised as it teases before the official launch.

2022 BMW i7

The camp has revealed that the new BMW i7 electric car has undergone many rigorous testing, especially in hot weather conditions. To test the operation of the electric motor, battery and drive system to see if they can operate without problems in stressful and stressful weather conditions.

The details of the electric BMW i7 have not been revealed much at this time. But previous reports have suggested that the new model could come with a massive 120 kWh battery that will give the car a range of 435 miles (700 km) on a single charge. And the powerful version may have three motors that will produce up to 750 horsepower, with official details waiting for next year. After the camp officially launched a new car.

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