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Tricolor Option For Honda CBR250RR Launched In Indonesia

honda motorcycle Reinforcing the leadership in the sports car market again With the launch of the New Honda CBR250RR SP , a sports car in the Racing Replica family that comes with a new tricolor pattern that is unique to Honda Racing , conveying inspiration from world-class racing cars to the streets. Packed with high technology for a true sports racing driving experience.

Honda CBR250RR

New Honda CBR250RR SP comes with the concept The Rush to The Race inherits the DNA from the CBR Fireblade , the flagship superbike of Honda. Sleek with Tri-Color styling that contrasts perfectly with the red body. Outstanding with RR graphics that reflect the real racing sport.

New CBR250RR SP delivers full strength with technology from the racetrack. Stronger with power from a parallel two -cylinder engine, a Parallel Twin DOHC 4 -valve , rated 250 cc, water- cooled PGM-FI injector . 6 -speed sport transmission.

Packed with technology that responds to driving in a racing sport to the fullest, consisting of

Throttle by Wire electric accelerator system comes with 3 driving modes to choose from : Sport +, Sport and Comfort , providing excitement in all driving styles.

Assist Slipper Clutch system reduces rear flicker and prevents wheel locking while changing gears down to low gears Improved control performance with Quick Shifter for quick gear changes without clutching the clutch.

Sport design mileage LCD Digital Meter showing complete information Ready to support the racing lifestyle with Lap Timer , a lap timer mode on the racetrack.

Inverted front shock absorber The length has been increased by 5 mm to better support the intense braking pressure and the Pro-Link rear shock absorbers can be adjusted in 5 levels for a smooth ride with excellent grip in all road and field conditions. compete.

The structure of the car is a Truss Frame or a braided frame, designed with CAE-Computer Aided Engineering technology , combined with a lightweight aluminum swingarm for strength and durability.

ABS disc brakes work independently both front and back. assuring control in all speed ranges.

New 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa officially revealed

Suzuki announced the flagship large two-wheeled vehicle “Hayabusa,” which was completely improved. According to Suzuki, it has evolved aerodynamic characteristics and driving performance under the development concept “Ultimate Sport” that has continued since the first generation.

The exterior features sharp and edgy styling. The body color is two tones using accent colors different from the body color around the intake ports on the left and right of the front face, the side of the body, and the rear. In addition, it is said that Suzuki’s motorcycle is the first to use a turn signal with a built-in position light on the edge of the intake port.

The 2021 suzuki hayabusa engine is equipped with a displacement of 1340cc, water cooling, 4-cycle, and in-line 4-cylinder. By adopting an electronically controlled throttle and changing the intake and exhaust mechanism, while improving the output and torque in the low to medium speed range compared to the conventional type, it complies with the European exhaust gas regulation “Euro 5” without degrading high speed performance due to aerodynamic characteristics. The maximum output is 140kW / 9700rpm and the maximum torque is 150Nm / 7000rpm.

The newly installed electronic control system SIRS (Suzuki Intelligent Ride System) uses SDMS-α (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector Alpha), which allows you to select from five control patterns such as output characteristics, traction control, and engine brake control. .. According to Suzuki, the speed limiter that does not exceed the set speed is the world’s first adoption for motorcycles. “By setting a large number of various electronic control modes, we have made it possible to respond to various driving scenes from city riding to touring and circuits, user preferences, and skills,” Suzuki is proud of. The fuel consumption is 14.9km / L in WMTC mode.

The body size is 2180 mm in length x 735 mm in width x 1165 mm in height, and the wheelbase is 1480 mm. Compared to the second generation, the overall length is 10 mm, and the overall width and height are 5 mm shorter, so it seems that the size is almost the same but slightly more compact.

From around the end of February, 2021 suzuki hayabusa sales will begin in Europe.

New 2021 Yamaha MT-15 BORN OF DARKNESS

2021 Yamaha MT-15 BORN OF DARKNESS can be considered as the real market leader in the sporty motorcycle style. Comes with the slogan “BORN OF DARKNESS” that is packed with outstanding features in MT-Series style and emphasize the uniqueness of the pure dark line. Yamaha has therefore added new colours. Let life go forward with “NEW YAMAHA MT-15” which comes in 3 new shades that will awaken the excitement. Full of all torque With the best technology from Yamaha That allows you to fully release yourself on the road.

MT-15 Powertrain

The NEW YAMAHA MT-15 continues to provide the thrilling driving response in the MT-Series style with a 155 cc single-cylinder 4-valve engine with VVA intelligent variable valve system that provides excellent acceleration. An instant adrenaline response It also provides fun and excitement with a 6-speed sports gearbox with ASSIST & SLIPPER CLUTCH system. The clutch system reduces the force of the rear wheel. Giving confidence in every driving stroke.

NEW YAMAHA MT-15 is also outstanding with the identity of the real dark line. Which comes with features that characterize the unique style of MT-Series, fierce with headlights that come with new technology, MONO FOCUS LED, bright in every driving range, NEGATIVE LCD face, clearly stylish with MULTI-FUNCTION With numbers to tell the gear position Shift light and operating symbol of the VVA system.Yamaha MT-15 Suspension.

In addition, NEW YAMAHA MT-15 also provides full-bodied necked sports feel. With the front suspension, TELESCOPIC UPSIDE DOWN head shock absorbers that absorb shock well. Control the car as you wish Along with the rear suspension, aluminium swingarm, die-cast that is strong. But lightweight Working in conjunction with a single rear shock absorber that comes with a strong absorbency. Enhances performance and good stability in all driving directions.

Seat FREESTYLE RIDING SEAT can be fun without stopping. Flexible in every degree of driving and MT IDENTITY, the definition of MT-Series, the identity of the real dark line.For NEW YAMAHA MT-15… BORN OF DARKNESS comes with 3 new colours, new colours! There are Metallic Gray, Racing Blue and Matt Black.

Specifications YAMAHA MT-15 2021


category1 cylinder, 4 stroke, 4 valve, water cooled
Cylinder volume155 cc
Maximum strength19 horsepower at 10,000 rpm
Maximum torque14.7 Nm at 8,500 r / min
Fuel consumption40 km / l

Yamaha MT-15 body

FrameDelta box
Front shockInverted shock absorber
Rear shockSingle spring shock absorber
Front brakeSingle disc brake 
Rear brakeSingle disc brake 
Front tire110/70 – 17
Rear tire140/70 – 17

2021 Yamaha MT-15 Dimension

Dimensions Length x Width x Height (mm.)1,965 x 800 x 1,065
Cushion height810 mm
Wheelbase1,335 mm.
Height from floor to machine155 mm
Ready to use body weight133 kg
Fuel oil10 liters