New 2022 Toyota Veloz launched in Thailand, Avanza replacement

TOYOTA launches “ ALL NEW 2022 TOYOTA VELOZ (Toyota Veloz) “, a 7-seater multi-purpose vehicle, Premium Crossover style with a modern design. The cabin is as spacious as a C-segment car.

2022 Toyota Veloz

2022 Toyota Veloz

The interior is spacious, comfortable, the passenger seat can be adjusted in 7 different ways, adding utility with a TFT instrument panel that can be adjusted in 4 styles. 9-inch touch screen with wireless charger, 4 USB ports and up to 15 cup holders

Importantly, it is also equipped with the highest safety standards in its class with Toyota Safety Sense or TSS. Driving performance is superior with the new front-wheel drive platform.

TOYOTA VELOZ comes with a 1.5-liter Dual VVT-i gasoline engine, 106 horsepower, synchronized with the new CVT automatic transmission, saving fuel up to 17.9 km / liter , providing instant acceleration. soft response Quieter at all speeds Stop the car confidently with 4-wheel disc brakes with electric handbrake.

ALL NEW TOYOTA VELOZ can meet the needs of family car users. both daily use and leisure activities as well as meeting the needs of modern SME business groups at a price that is easy to own.

ALL NEW TOYOTA VELOZ comes with 4 main selling points :

– Modern design in the style of Premium Crossover with a perfectly designed interior in multipurpose use According to the design concept “Proud Active”

– The highest safety standard with Toyota Safety Sense or TSS, with additional functions such as Pedal Misoperation Control, Front Departure Alert, Departure Alert Lane Departure Alert (LDA) With Steering Assist (Premium)

– Spacious interior space, comfortable with 7 types of seat adjustments

– stable driving Excellent acceleration from a new front-wheel drive platform and a CVT automatic transmission that responds well to acceleration and save more fuel

ALL NEW TOYOTA VELOZ meets the needs of family car users both daily use and is another member of the family who takes them to do leisure activities together as well as being able to meet the needs of modern SME business groups with an easy-to-own price Full specification and superior driving performance All of which will create smiles for our customers.”

Mr. Eiji Fujibayashi, Chief Engineer of Toyota Motor Corporation, revealed that “the main concept in the development of this new vehicle is to meet the needs of customers who are looking for a vehicle with a distinctive design, versatile utility It comes with excellent driving performance, suitable for those who prefer a premium crossover style and more attractive than the previous MPV.


– TOYOTA VELOZ Toyota Veloz Smart model price 795,000Thai Baht.

– TOYOTA VELOZ Toyota Veloz Premium model price 875,000Thai Baht.