New generation 2022 Suzuki Alto: first photos published

Suzuki has released the first images of the new 2022 Alto hatchback for the Japanese market. This will be the ninth generation of the Alto model, produced since 1979. There is still very little information about the car, but already from the pictures it is clear that the Alto will noticeably lose its originality.

2022 Suzuki Alto

2022 Suzuki Alto

The current 2014 hatchback is inspired by the old Suzuki. The angular body, the characteristic slots on the blank panel between the headlights, the beveled window sill line, the taillights located on the bumper – all these are references to the models of the seventies and eighties. The new car has only hints of this image, such as the frowning of the headlights and the clipped corners of the windows in the rear doors.

The body has become more rounded, the windshield is installed more vertically, the height is increased by 50 mm (up to 1525 mm). The length (3395 mm) and width (1475 mm), of course, will not change, because they have already reached the legal limits for kei cars. The interior height has increased by 45 mm, but its length has decreased by 25 mm. So far, these are all published characteristics.

The Alto will be a “mild” hybrid with a starter-generator and a compact battery, and will be equipped with an electronic Safety Support complex, which includes automatic braking and lane-keeping systems. The new hatchback will be fully declassified by the end of the year.