New 2021 DS4 crossover joins premium compact SUV

DS announced the new “2021 DS4” in Europe on February 3rd. It will be the first revival in about 3 years since the end of production of the first DS4 in 2018.

The first DS4 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 in Switzerland in the spring of 2011. DS4 is the second DS series following “DS3”. It is a model that embodies the “creative technology” of the brand signature, and its design features a unique 4-door coupe style that emphasizes the strength and extruded feeling of an SUV.

The first DS4 was discontinued in 2018. The new DS4 will be the second generation model and will be revived for the first time in about three years.

The new 2021 DS4 will be the fourth model in the new generation DS series, following the “DS7 Crossback”, “DS3 Crossback” and “DS9”. Introducing the latest DS design language.

The new 2021 ds4 body size is 4400 mm in length, 1830 mm in width, and 1470 mm in height. Compared to the original DS4 (total length 4275 mm, total width 1810 mm, total height 1535 mm), it is 125 mm longer, 20 mm wider, and 65 mm shorter.

The silhouette is inspired by the concept car DS “Aero Sports Lounge”, and we are proud to have achieved unprecedented proportions in the premium C segment. The appearance is athletic and muscular, and a large diameter wheel of up to 20 inches is attached to the feet. The aerodynamic performance has also been improved, aiming for a design that appeals to both SUV coupe and conventional compact hatchback customers.


For the chassis, the latest version of PSA Group’s “EMP2” platform to which the DS belongs will be used. The new version of the EMP2 is a modular chassis that can accommodate a wide variety of powertrains, yet it breathes new freedom of expression into the design.

The latest version of the EMP2 platform was developed to balance proportions and aerodynamics. By combining the bonnet and fenders and lowering the floor of the second row seats, it is said that an athletic and aerodynamic silhouette is being constructed.

The latest version of the EMP2 platform will include composite materials and hot-pressed structural parts, as well as compact air-conditioning units, expanding the interior and luggage space. The latest version of the EMP2 platform is also designed to be lighter and meet the latest and most stringent safety standards.

The “E-TENSE” will be set for the first time as a plug-in hybrid (PHV) powertrain vehicle that was not available in the first generation. By combining an in-line 4-cylinder gasoline turbo engine (maximum output 180hp) with an electric motor (maximum output 110hp) and an “EAT8” gearbox, the entire PHV system draws 225hp of power. Equipped with an efficient battery equipped with a newly developed compact and large-capacity cell, it enables cruising of 50km or more (WLTP combined cycle) in zero emission mode.

Equipped with “DS Active Scan Suspension”. A camera located on top of the windshield monitors the unevenness of the road surface and sends the data to the computer. With four attitude sensors and three accelerometers, the system controls each wheel individually. Use the data to stiffen or soften the suspension as needed to pursue comfort regardless of road conditions.

The newly developed infotainment system is the “DS IRIS system”. Like smartphones, the new interface can be operated by touching the icon. The DS IRIS system can be controlled by voice and gestures. It is equipped with a personal assistant who understands what the occupants are saying with a natural language voice recognition solution.

The “DS Smart Touch” located on the center console is a screen operated with your fingertips. The screen identifies movements such as zoom in, zoom out, and handwriting recognition. Updates will be made instantly via the cloud so that systems and mappings are always up to date.