New Donkervoort F22 revealed With A 492-HP Audi Engine

Donkervoort declassified hardcore supercar F22 The car became the most powerful in the history of the brand

The Dutch company Donkervoort, founded by Joop Donkervoort, has made a name for itself by creating light and powerful sports cars based on the classic Lotus Seven. In 2022, the firm introduced its new F22 car. The car is not named after the fifth-generation American multi-role fighter Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, as one might think, but in honor of the first-born of the CEO Denis Donkervoort, daughter Philippa, who was born on May 22, 2022.

But despite such a cute explanation of the name, the model is still closer to a combat fighter than to a car for a girl. The F22 is based on a steel tubular frame, supplemented with carbon fiber elements – as a result, having managed to keep the weight at the level of 750 kilograms, the company made a car with a body twice as rigid as that of the D8 GTO and a more spacious two-seat interior. A supercar certified for public roads has a rather ascetic interior – Recaro seats are equipped with 6-point seat belts, and the driver has only a digital instrument panel and a multifunctional steering wheel, which controls most of the car’s functions.

As an option, you can order a multimedia system, which is an iPad Mini on the front panel on the driver’s side. At the same time, air conditioning and even a trunk with a volume of 298 liters are provided. Donkervoort F22 is made in the corporate style of all cars of the brand with a long hood, exhaust pipes along the sides and separate wheels with wings attached to them. All body panels, including forward-opening doors, are made of carbon fiber and are optimized in terms of aerodynamics, the optics are fully LED, and the body is convertible.

If desired, the two carbon-fiber roof panels can be removed by hand and turn the coupe into a targa. The company has retained its devotion to Audi powertrains and the novelty received a modified 2.5-liter 5-cylinder turbo engine, which produces 500 horsepower on the F22 model. The engine is mated to a lightweight short-stroke 5-speed manual transmission with Bosch rev-matching technology. The rear-wheel drive car has a Torsen limited-slip differential, powerful AP Racing steel brakes, as well as racing ABS and adjustable traction control – no other assistants are provided.

As an option, you can install power steering and hydraulic suspension, which increases the ground clearance by 35 millimeters for the safe passage of speed bumps. Donkervoort promises that due to the design of the suspension and tires Nankang on 18-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels in corners, the F22 can develop overloads of up to 2.15 G. From zero to 100 kilometers per hour, the novelty accelerates in 2.5 seconds, and the maximum speed is 290 kilometers per hour. The circulation of F22 will be 75 copies at a price of 245 thousand euros per piece.

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