New 2021 Honda HR-V (Vezel) Revealed With A Hybrid Powertrain

Honda unveiled the new 2021 Honda HR-V (Vezel), which is scheduled to be announced in April 2021, online for the first time in the world. In addition to unveiling a completely redesigned exterior and interior design, it also announced major equipment, newly adopted items, and new grades.

The styling has changed a lot. The form of the SUV is the same, but the horizontal tone “Sleek & Long Cabin” is adopted, which emphasizes the coupe-like proportions and provides a refreshing view to all seats. Around the front, the grille of the same color as the body enhances the sense of unity. Due to the relaxed styling, it seems that the size is larger than the conventional type, but in reality the overall height is slightly lowered, but the overall length and width are almost the same as the conventional type (the outer dimensions are not yet available at this stage) Presentation).

The interior has also changed. While emphasizing the solid form with a “lumpy feeling” to express the strength of the SUV, the parts close to the body are treated with a soft touch and shaped pad to combine strength and gentleness. I am designing a space. The visual system such as the meter is located above the instrument panel, and the switches are located at easy-to-operate positions to reduce the movement of the line of sight and to consider the flow line.

The base 2021 Honda HR-V (Vezel) has an aspirated 1.5 gasoline paired with a CVT, but the main bet is on the Vezel e: HEV rechargeable hybrid. It works in the same way as other gasoline-electric Honda. The power plant includes the same aspirated 1.5 and two electric motors. One is connected to the internal combustion engine and operates in the generator mode, and the second rotates the wheels. Most of the time, such a hybrid moves precisely on electric traction (the internal combustion engine rotates only the generator) and only at high speed, when the efficiency of the electric motor drops, the clutch connects the gasoline engine directly to the wheels. There is no gearbox here.

The characteristics of both modifications will be published later. In the meantime, it is stated that both gasoline and hybrid crossovers can be ordered with both front and all-wheel drive. Moreover, in both cases it is the same “full-fledged” 4×4 transmission with a propeller shaft and a rear axle coupling. And the Honda Vezel is equipped with the Honda Sensing complex, which includes adaptive cruise control, automatic braking and lane-keeping systems.