Watch Sony test drive its Vision-S Electric Sedan prototype on public roads

At CES 2021, Sony revealed progress on its ambush to develop the Vision-S electric vehicle that in December it began testing electric vehicles on public roads in Europe. Along with sharing a clip of a test ride in Austria filmed with an Airpeak drone (which was also released at the event).

After Sony unveiled its Vision-S electric vehicle prototype at CES 2020. it brought the car back to Tokyo to develop its advanced sensing technology and audio technology. In July, Sony announced it would continue to develop the Vision-S and test it out on public roads by the end of the year.

Sony Vision-s Powertrain

The 2020 Vision-S concept is powered by two separate electric motors that drive front and rear wheels. Accelerate to 60 miles (96.5 km) per hour in 4.8 seconds and run to a top speed of 149 miles (240 km) per hour, 33 sensors inside and outside the vehicle capable of 360-degree detection. At that time, the car was self-driving at Level 2+ and was aiming to develop to Level 4 and higher in the future.


Recently, Sony has increased the number of sensors to the Vision-S to 40 to increase its 360-degree sensing capability and also to build a safety monitoring system in the car connection.

The screen on the control panel is divided into 5 channels for displaying pictures from the camera. System settings Navigation system operation Music playing and video playing.

The video also suggests that additional features are being developed, including a voice assistant. Driver gestures Along with entertainment systems such as video games, 5G network connections, wireless software updates. And has a driver monitoring system using cameras installed in the passenger compartment The camera can also monitor passengers to help them adjust the temperature according to their seated position.

In the future, Sony will continue to develop everyday features that meet the needs of drivers.